Types of Deep-Sea Fishing

There are three basic methods of deep-sea fishing - anchoring and chumming, bottom trolling and trawling. Each way uses a different approach and requires particular skill. Anchoring and Chumming Anchoring and chumming relies on the use of a chum bucket. The chum bucket is the main source of bait. The fisherman anchors in one spot and then uses the periodic release of chum. Bottom Trolling Bottom trolling uses a cannon ball. The cannon ball is dragged around the bottom, where it stirs up mud and makes noise. This stirs up the fish, provoking them to bite the bait. Trawling Trawling is used to catch much fish at once. A net with weights and wheels attached to it is used. The net rolls along the bottom and scoops up fish. Whichever way fishing sounds good to you, I hope the fish you catch are bigger and more delicious than 'the one that got away' be sure to bring your camera for either case.